Young people, be careful. Beautiful things are disappearing every day. You don't need to be shopping at fast-fashion stores, especially young people. They are beautiful naturally, because they it's enough. Don't be too much fashionable. [...] The brand advertising is making you crazy. You don't need to be too sexy. You are sexy enough.

— Yohji Yamamoto

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Yohji Yamamoto; Paris, 1991

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With my eyes turned to the past, I walk backwards into the future.

Yohji Yamamoto

For my total life, I have been comfortable in black, not in white, not the lightness. I was born in Tokyo after the bombing, so I feel this is my roots; the ruined Tokyo. This dark side of life is attractive to me, from the beginning. Too much harmony is boring, maybe conflict is charming. Black is simple, yet it says so much.

Yohji Yamamoto


Yohji Yamamoto for Pina Bausch, 25th anniversary
of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Foundation, 1998