Edgar Froese

* 06.06.1944 - † 20.01.2015

There is no death, just a change of our cosmic address.

— Edgar Froese

We are all foreigners, all strangers, no matter how many people we surround ourselves with. The only difference is that some of us know it and some don't. Some prefer the illusion of belonging.

— Michael Boiano


Wuppertal; revisited.

There's nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understanding someone else.

— Brad Meltzer


Romy Schneider, 1966

Make your ego porous. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything.

— Rainer Maria Rilke

Every moment is a poem if you hold it right.

— Lauren Zuniga


Julie Christie | Omar Sharif

Doctor Zhivago, directed by David Lean in 1965

I don't think I could love you so much if you had nothing to complain of and nothing to regret. I don't like people who have never fallen or stumbled. Their virtue is lifeless and of little value. Life hasn't revealed it's beauty to them.

— Boris Pasternak


Richard Serra | Bramme für das Ruhrgebiet | 1998/2014

A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, it is an obsession about female obedience. Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women's history.

— Naomi Wolf


I want to be alone — with someone else who wants to be alone.

— Dimitri Zaik


North Korea is best Korea!

Spend your time on those who love you unconditionally. Don't waste it on those that only love you when the conditions are right for them.

— Samir Shah


Maybe this is what it's all about. You love a person for as long as you possibly can until you run out of love. You love them even when they don't love you. And then you can leave, as quietly as you came, knowing that you gave all you had, knowing that you couldn't have been any more than what you were and that it was pure, that it was full and that you were honest with it all.

— Azra


Solaris, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1972

sqq. * / **

The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you, but it is not. It is an existential truth: Only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of the other person — without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other.

— Osho


The people who say you are not facing reality actually mean that you are not facing their idea of reality.

— Margaret Halsey


Saalverhaftung; Landgericht Essen, Saal 101

There was nothing to talk about anymore. The only thing to do was go.

— Jack Kerouac


Hamburg; revisited.

Die Qualität eines Werkes kann weder durch die Bedingungen, unter denen es ausgestellt wird, noch durch die Anzahl der Leute, die es ansehen, verändert werden.

— Donald Judd


Sanctions? Bring them on, suckers.

The woman who doesn't need validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.

— Mohadesa Najumi

This morning, with her, having coffee.

— Johnny Cash; when asked for his description of paradise


George Brecht | Yesterday will be better | 1963

I may have all the answers to my questions in myself but I need some catalyst to get them into my consciousness.

— Sylvia Plath


Odenkirchener Str. 202, Rheydt

Gregor Schneider verwandelt Häuser in Skulpturen. Jetzt kaufte er das Geburtshaus von Hitlers Propagandaminister. Er hat es entkernt – den Schutt stellt er in Warschau aus. Eine Begehung in Rheydt.

sqq. Haus Goebbels

Ich bewege mich außerhalb der Kunstwelt, weil ich meine Arbeit nicht nur aus der Sicht der Kunst betrachte.

— Gregor Schneider


Welcome to Lilyhammer ...

I have always been attracted to those sorts of people who make up their own logic. To those who think outside of the system, to those who invent as they go along. These kinds of people are the biggest dreamers of all and so I suppose that is the reason why they are always the ones who end up getting hurt.

— Harmony Korine

We have in our lives only a few moments. A moment of joy or wonder with another. Some might say beauty or transcendence. Some might say all those things. Then you reach an age […] and you realise that moment, or, if you are very lucky, a handful of those moments, was your life. That those moments are all, and that they are everything. And yet we persist in thinking that such moments will only have worth if we can make them go on forever. We should live for moments, yet we are so fraught in pursuing everything else, with the future, with the anchors that pull us down, so busy that we sometimes don't even see the moments for what they are.

— Richard Flanagan


There is no line where art stops and life begins.

― Charles Eames


Pina, directed by Wim Wenders in 2011

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.

— Robert Brault


Richard Serra | Circuit | 1972/89